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Jersey BubbleSoccer is all about exceeding your expectations. We are dedicated to making this experience everything you thought it would be, and more! It’s easy. Get some people together. Rent some BubbleSoccer suits. Let's do this!

Jersey BubbleSoccer is the trailblazer to bring this high energy game to the Garden State. We are dedicated to healthy living, indoor fun, and lots of laughter.

Like many of you, I first saw BubbleSoccer in a video online and thought, "I gotta do this." Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere local to try it. I started this business to remedy that problem.

If you didn’t think soccer could evolve, we’re about to burst your bubble. BubbleSoccer (also known as bubbleball, bubble ball or bubble soccer) is a new sport that combines soccer and contact between giant bubbles. Players wear inflatable suits that allow them to bounce off each other and fall on the ground without getting hurt. It's soccer, it's bumper cars, it's a hilariously good time!

BubbleSoccer was created by Henrik Johan and Elvestad Golden, a pair of Norwegians who thought soccer would be much more fun if the players were enclosed in giant transparent plastic bubbles. The first match was shown on Norwegian TV at the end of 2011 -- more as a joke than anything else -- but the clips went viral and the game became a craze all over Europe. Now it’s your turn to experience the exhilaration of BubbleSoccer in New Jersey.

If there’s anything more fun than charging around in a giant inflatable bubble suit, we haven’t found it yet. This extreme version of soccer has been sweeping the world and seemed to be passing the USA by. Well, not anymore! It’s time to grab some friends and suit up.

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